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Clean Diet

森力亞致力於幫助你達致身體及心靈上的健康,我們為此推出不同的膳食幫助你達到這個目標。我們保證為你提供的產品都是結合了營養學界權威作者們如Barry Sears博士及Michel Montignac博士的最新營養概念,和Soria Natural醫學團隊的草本療法經驗,以符合我們顧客和病人對攝取營養的需求和期望。

We are concerned with helping you to achieve mental and physic health and therefore we offer a diet that can help you to reach this objective. What we can assure, is that the diet we offer is based on the latest nutrition concepts supported by the experience of some respected authors such as Dr. Barry Sears and Dr. Michel Montignac, who created a revolution in the nutrition field these past few years. We have added to these authors experience, the experience of Soria Natural medical team, who with constant researches in the phytotherapeutic field as well as in the nutritional field, always meet the expectations of a lot of our customers and patients who tell us about their worries and problems in the nutrition field. 

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