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  • 適合減肥人士(每湯匙只含0.14卡路里)
  • 天然食物防腐劑
  • 維持心血管健康
  • 高抗氧化成分
  • 幫助消化
  • 無糖(適合控制血糖人士)
  • 天然有機

    Apple vinegar is made from the two-fold fermentation of the juices of apples using natural enzymes in the traditional way. Acetic acid is the primary constituent of vinegar, it also contains many vitamins and other compounds not found in acetic acid such as riboflavin, Vitamin B-1 and mineral salts.

有機蘋果醋 Organic Apple Vinegar

  • Apple vinegar*(Acidity: 5 º)
    * Coming from organic farming, produced in factory where soyabeans and crustacean are also handled.

    蘋果醋* (酸度:5 º)

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