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奇亞籽的主要健康好處 :

  • 含豐富蛋白質,提供身體不能製造的重要氨基酸
  • 良好的膳食纖維來源,幫助腸道蠕動
  • 含有抗氧化劑(類黃酮),保護身體免受游離基的傷害

適合人士 : 

  • 素食者、全素食者
  • 對消化乳糖有困難人士



The most important health benefits assigned to chia seeds:-rich in proteins that provide the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce;-good fiber source and therefore helps regulate intestinal transit;-contains antioxidants (flavonoids), protect our body against from the harm of free radicals.Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and people who have problems digesting lactose.

有機奇亞籽 Organic Chia Seeds

庫存單位: SOR06002
  • 服用方法: 建議使用前先研磨,每日2次,每次食用1湯匙;可與乳酪,果汁,穀物等混合一併食用。

    Instruction: Advised to grind before use, recommend to take a tablespoon two times a day with yogurt, juice, cereals, etc.

    注意事項: 建議配合足夠的喝水量

    Contraindications: It is recommended to cooperate with enough amount water

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