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  • 增強心血管循環功能
  • 或有助穩定血壓
  • 維持神經系統健康
  • 舒緩焦慮和失眠
  • Improve blood circulation
  • May assist in stabilizing blood pressure
  • Maintain health of nervous system
  • Relieve anxiety and insomnia

山楂萃取液 Hawthorn Extract

庫存單位: SNS07207
  • 成分: 水*、甘油*、山楂冷凍乾燥提取物*、γ-環糊精*、α-環糊精*



    Ingredients: Water*, Glycerin*, Hawthorn Lyophilized Extract*, Gamma-cyclodextrin*, Alpha-cyclodextrin*

    *From Natural Source

  • 建議服用量: 每日3次,每次稀釋1毫升在溫水服用。


    禁忌: 對任何成分敏感人士、孕婦和哺乳期婦女。


    注意事項: 山楂可產生鎮靜作用,影響駕駛或使用機器的能力。如服用強心劑,抗心律失常藥或其他鎮靜藥,需諮詢醫生意見。


    Instruction: Take 1 mL 3 times daily with water.


    Contraindications: Not recommend for those allergic to any of its components, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.


    Precautions: Hawthorn may produce sedation and effect on the ability to drive or use machinery. Medical supervision for treatments with cardiotonic, antiarrhythmic or other sedative drugs.

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