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  • 維持腎功能健康
  • 有助預防腎結石(如草酸鈣,尿酸)


  • Maintain Renal Function
  • Prevention of Nephrolithiasis

寬葉獨行菜熊果複合精華 Composor 25 Lepidium Complex XXI

庫存單位: SNS07011
  • 成分: 寬葉獨行菜萃取液*、熊果萃取液*、甘油、金菊*


    Ingredients: Fluid Extract of Lepidium*, Fluid Extract of Bearberry*, Glycerin*, Fluid Extract of Goldenrod*

  • 建議服用量: 每日3次,每次稀釋1毫升在溫水服用。

    禁忌: 對任何成分敏感人士、孕婦和哺乳期婦女。

    注意事項: 建議喝大量清水,約每天2公升。不建議長期服用。




    Instruction: Take 1 ml, 3 times daily with small amount of water.


    Contraindications: Not recommend for those allergic to any of its components; pregnant and breastfeeding women; patient who is hypothyroidism.

    Precautions: Recommended to drink plenty of liquids, about 2 liters a day. Discontinuous treatments are recommended. For cardiac or renal insufficiency patient, it can produce hydroelectrolytic imbalances or worsen renal function, so it is recommended to use under medical supervision. For hypotension patient, blood pressure could decrease due to its diuretic effect.

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