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  • 舒緩女性每月週期不適
  • 適合月經不規律、痛經人士


  • Relieve Discomfort of Menstrual Cycle
  • Help for Irregular of menstrual cycle and Dysmenorrhea
  • Promote Women Health

地中海柏木洋蓍草複合配方 Composor 15 Artemisa Complex F.XXI

庫存單位: SNS070104
  • 活性成分: 地中海柏木提取液*、洋蓍草提取液*、鼠尾草提取液*、艾草提取液*、γ-環糊精*、萬壽菊冷凍乾燥提取物*、α-環糊精*、鋅(葡萄糖酸鋅)、百里香精油*、銅(葡萄糖酸銅)


    其他成分: 水*、甘油*。



    Active Ingredients: Fluid Extract of Mediterranean Cypress*, Fluid Extract of Yarrow *, Fluid Extract of Sage *, Fluid Extract of Mugwort*, Gamma Cyclodextrin*, Lyophilized Extract of Marigold *, Alpha -cyclodextrins*, Zinc (Zinc gluconate)*, Essential oil of Thyme*, Copper (Copper gluconate).


    Excipients: Water*, Glycerol*.

    *From Natural Source

  • 建議服用量: 成人每日3次,每次稀釋1毫升在溫水服用。

    禁忌: 對任何成分敏感人士、孕婦和哺乳期婦女、對萬壽菊敏感人士、現有或曾經有雌激素依賴性腫瘤人士不宜服用。


    Adults: It is advisable to take 1 mL 3 times a day diluted in water.

    Contraindications: Do not recommend for those allergic to any of its components, pregnant women and breastfeeding women, allergic to species of asteraceae family, hypersensitivity to plants, fruits, vegetables, and clients with history of estrogen-dependent tumour.

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